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What makes 5Dimes one of the top UFC betting sites? In particular, what separates them from other sportsbooks that offer betting action on UFC fights?

In this article, I will detail exactly why I use their platform. I’ll also describe why I recommend them.

Before I delve any further, I want to enforce the fact that I wasn’t paid by 5Dimes to write this article.

As a truly unbiased party, I will also include what I don’t like about their site and what they can do to improve.

Along with everything mentioned above, I will also include how to get started in betting on 5Dimes.

Why do I recommend 5Dimes for UFC betting?

In summary, here are the top two reasons that I continually use 5Dimes to gamble on UFC fights:

  • Earliest line releases
  • Most UFC prop bets

For the UFC on ESPN+ 7 card, 5Dimes released their lines on April 6th, 2019 at 8:42am (see the picture below).

5Dimes release date for UFC odds

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How did other sportsbooks compare?

  • BetDSI – April 6th, 2019 at 10:03pm
  • Bovada – April 8th, 2019 at 4:18am
  • BetOnline – April 8th, 2019 at 2:57pm

5Dimes released lines for this event more than 10 hours before any other sportsbook. From my experience gambling on MMA, 5Dimes consistently (if not every time) releases MMA lines before everybody else.

Why are early lines so important? This gives a bettor an opportunity to bet on a fight before the wisdom of the crowd influences the line. For example, look at the picture below. Someone could have placed a bet on Evloev at -305, if that fighter was bet on early, instead of -440. Meaning that a person would of only needed to bet $305 to win $100 instead of betting $440 to win $100. Early lines give bettors an opportunity to risk less and profit more.

An example of line movement on a UFC fighter

Not only does 5Dimes release their MMA lines before any other sportsbook, but they also offer the most prop bets. 5Dimes offers over 20 prop bets per UFC matchup. No other Sportsbook comes close to offering the same variety.

Why does variety matter? Let’s say that you are unsure about which fighter will become victorious, but you are confident that both fighters are tough enough to make it to the 3rd round, you can bet that the fight will make it that far.

Having more prop bets gives you more options to wager money on. Having those options gives you the opportunity to choose which option you are most confident in.

How can 5Dimes improve?

5Dimes can improve by doing this:

  • Having a set time for when UFC lines get released
  • Increase opening line maximums
  • Live betting on early prelim fights
  • Only have a phone verification for withdrawals of $500 or more
  • Improving their outdated website design

Having a set time for when UFC lines get released

Ideally, I would like to gameplan for when UFC lines get released, so I can have my bets ready. Unfortunately, lines get released at sporadic times. In order to know when these lines come out, I have to set up a tweet alert on Twitter from @BestFightOdds.

If 5Dimes wanted to make it easier for their customers to bet opening lines, they would have a consistent time that they released those lines each week. Instead, I usually get surprised by those tweet alerts while I’m in the middle of driving, training at my local MMA gym, or whatever else my daily life brings. I then have to scramble to place my bets, and that is assuming that I was prepared beforehand.

It would be nice to know that, for example, UFC lines get released each Sunday at 10 AM (PT).

Increase opening line maximums

As for increasing opening line maximums, I’m not sure how this will affect them from a profitability standpoint. My recommendations on how 5Dimes can improve are solely based in a customer experience perspective.

For those unfamiliar with opening line maximums, this is where 5Dimes restricts it’s users from being able to win more than $100 before an opening line moves. In short, imagine Khabib opened up as a -150 against any lightweight, I would only be able to wager $150 on that fight until the line moves. After that initial line movement, I’m not aware of any other restrictions.

I imagine there is a possibility that they refuse to do this, because it is a risk that they are not willing to take. If they were to expand the opening line restriction to be able to win $200, my happiness as a customer would raise twofold.

Live betting on early prelim fights

Another mildly frustrating discrepancy that I have with 5Dimes is that they don’t offer live odds in the early prelim fights on UFC cards. There are instances where I analyze a matchup and determine that the most lucrative way to bet that fight is to see how the first round plays out first. Sadly, I won’t get the opportunity to make a live bet if the fight is buried on the undercard.

In an ideal world where the customer gets what they want and the service provider has the resources to fulfill those desires, every UFC fight would have live odds on 5Dimes.

Only have a phone verification for withdrawals of $500 or more

I commend 5Dimes for having security protocols, but at times it’s borderline excessive.

When I go to liquidate my winnings, I have to make sure to answer a phone call from their verification team. Sometimes they will call at 8 PM (PT) and I’ll miss their call. The responsibility gets shifted to me to call them back, if I miss their initial phone call. If I forget to call them back, my withdrawal request will get cancelled.

If I do happen to answer their phone call, they will ask for my account number, the pin number to my account, my address on file, my email address, and how much I plan to withdraw.

You would think that’s enough security, but not 5Dimes! After that phone call from their verification team, I get an email from their payout team that looks like this…

An email from the 5Dimes payout team for Bitcoin withdrawals.

I then have 48 hours to respond to this email with the information they requested. Finally, after completing those two security procedures, I get transferred my money. I’m all for that, if it helps prevent someone from hacking my account and withdrawing my entire balance. When I’m withdrawing a measly $100-$200, the whole process described above is excessive and seems designed to prevent users from doing it.

As a long time customer of 5Dimes, I would prefer them to remove the phone verification step in their security protocol on withdrawals less than $500.

Improving their outdated website design

Personally, their website design doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s very similar to Craigslist. I’m merely including this, because I have heard/read others complain about this.

I’m perfectly fine with any website design, as long as it takes only one click to get to the MMA odds section and another to place a bet. All of the other fluff is meaningless to me. If any of the readers out there are website designers, and they have some input on how 5Dimes can improve their website, please leave a comment below.

How to start making a 5Dimes account?

According to 5Dimes rules, “customers from Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Portugal, Hungary, United Kingdom, Russia and Ukraine are not allowed to register/play with 5Dimes.” If you don’t live in those countries, all you have to do is click here and then fill out a short registration form to start an account.

After you complete that, click on the cashier tab at the top of the page (it’s circled in the picture below)

The homepage of 5Dimes

Once that’s complete, you will be able to deposit money into your account.

In order to deposit money, click on the “deposit” button (for the location of this button, look at the picture below). Following that, choose which deposit method you want. Personally, I use Bitcoin, because credit/debit cards get charged an international fee. Different banks charge different rates. Bank of America charges 3%. One of the advantages of depositing with Bitcoin is that the transaction is free.

To complete a deposit of Bitcoin into my 5Dimes account, I use Coinbase Pro.

The cashier screen in the 5Dimes website

It will take a few minutes for the money to show up in your account. As soon as it does, you will be able start betting on UFC fights. It’s that simple!

To access the betting lines for UFC fights, just click on the box that says “UFC”. Usually on the Friday before a UFC event, you can click on the “reduced” option. This is where you can find a slightly better price on a line. For example, a fighter that is currently lined at +130 would be +135 in the reduced section. That’s an extra 5 cents per dollar waged.

How to access moneylines for UFC fights on the 5Dimes website


In this article, I covered what 5Dimes does better than any other sportsbook. They have the most options for prop bets on UFC fights and they release their UFC lines first. I also discussed how 5Dimes can improve. These upgrades include having a consistent time for UFC line releases, increasing opening line maximums, offering live betting action on early prelim fights, minimizing security hassles on smaller withdrawals, and improving their website design. Lastly, I detailed how an aspiring gambler can open a 5Dimes account.

In closing, let me know how you think 5Dimes can improve, if you plan on opening an account, or if you enjoyed this article!


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