Tito Ortiz at a movie premiere

Tito Ortiz: What Happened to the Former UFC Champion?

Jun. 20, 2021 by

So, what happened to Tito Ortiz? I will detail his current pursuits later in this article. First I will delve into his childhood. Considering the hardships he faced early on, it makes his successes in life very impressive. This is

What Happened to Travis Browne?

Dec. 10, 2020 by

The purpose of these video segments is to get a glimpse into what life after fighting is like. What are some success stories? What are some failures to avoid? How much of a physical toll does a professional MMA fighting

The UFC belt on a press conference table

List of Current UFC Champions

Apr. 12, 2020 by

Fast forward from UFC 1 to UFC 260, which fighters have stood out from the rest? From those 557 UFC events, a total of 90 mixed martial artists were able to rise to greatness — they became either undisputed UFC

Top 10 Fighters with the Most Knockouts in UFC History

Mar. 28, 2020 by

Want to know who has the most knockouts in UFC history? Watch the video below to find out. Also written below are more details about all the fighters on this list. Tied for 6th – Cain Velasquez (10 Knockouts) Cain Velasquez

5 Stats on How to Predict a First Round Finish in the UFC

Feb. 1, 2020 by

A first round finish in the UFC happens more often than you would think. There is a long history of dominating performances in the world of MMA. This gives us a lot of data on how to predict them. The

Top 10 MMA Blogs in 2021

Nov. 11, 2019 by

Which MMA blogs have the best content? I provide my answer to that in this post. Overall, the goal of this article is to inform readers on the best sites that cover the following: Latest news in MMA Instructional videos

5Dimes Review: One of the Top UFC Betting Sites in 2020

May. 26, 2019 by

 What makes 5Dimes one of the top UFC betting sites? In particular, what separates them from other sportsbooks that offer betting action on UFC fights? In this article, I will detail exactly why I use their platform. I’ll also

Does a Fighter’s Winning Streak Matter When Predicting Outcomes in UFC Matchups?

Apr. 7, 2019 by

 Does winning beget winning? To answer that question there is a phenomenon known as the Winner Effect. According to a study conducted by the Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin, “the Winner Effect, an increased probability of winning an

UFC Betting Statistics: How Big Favorites Perform on Fight Totals

Mar. 26, 2019 by

  When the betting odds indicate that a UFC fight is a mismatch, does that usually mean that it is? This article is written to prove that it does. The goal of this article is to help influence profitable betting

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MMA Betting Checklist: 25 Questions to Accurately Predict Winners

Feb. 26, 2019 by

 Below is a list of 25 questions that are designed to help filter out as many losing wagers as possible. The goal of these questions are to come up with a systematic approach that helps improve your winning bet