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[Drum roll] For 2017… The most profitable UFC fighters to bet on… were…Image result for king crown1. Volkan Oezdemir 8.65x

2. Darren Elkins – 7.00x

3. Rose Namajunas – 6.10x

4. Felice Herrig – 5.42x

5. Kajan Johnson – 4.50x

6. Yancy Medeiros – 3.91x

7. Mark Godbeer – 3.79x

8. David Teymur – 3.77x

9. John Moraga – 3.73x

10. Clay Guida3.70x


How was their profitability calculated?

The calculations for the multipliers above use the average wager amount of a specific UFC fighter’s every fight in 2017. Let’s say I place $500 on fight A, $300 on fight B, and a $100 on fight C. Let’s say again that all of these wagers involved an Oezdemir fight. I would add all those up and divide by 3, which would equal $300. That means I profited $300 x 8.65 . The only bets used in these calculations were straight wagers. Considering the odds are always changing, and each Sportsbook uses different odds, I used closing odds from 5Dimes to calculate each fighters profitability. Below are the summarized tenets of my calculations and an example of how they were calculated:


1. Only straight wagers considered

2. Only 5Dimes closing odds were considered

3. Only 2017 data was considered



Profitability = (335+375+155) ÷ 100 = 8.65 = you would get 8.65x your average wager amount between Oezdemir’s three fights. If I averaged a $100 wager, I would have profited $865.


“Volkan Oezdemir was the most profitable UFC fighter to bet on in 2017”



Why is it important to know?

You can use this knowledge as a sample size to project a fighter’s future profitability, in regards to betting. For example, Dustin Ortiz garnered a negative return of -.43x in 2017, and if he were to become a -160 favorite in his next bout, is it worth paying the juice with his negative track record? Personally, I would prefer not to risk money on an entity that has been operating in the red, especially when there will be investments (UFC fighters to bet on) that have a profitable track record and less juice. Each matchup is different, and there are many variables that go into odds making, but why not have a preference towards fighters that have a profitable track record vs an unprofitable one?



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