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Our Promise

We serve to provide the most accurate statistics related to betting on MMA. If our logo is on an infographic, video intro, or written in a post, it means that content is a fact, and it was reviewed many times.





What We Do

We provide a central place to find statistics that help improve MMA betting decisions. We collect data on fights. We analyze that data for meaningful numbers and then share our information for FREE. We hope you enjoy the content we provide as much as we like curating it.





Mission Statement

To share our passion for MMA with content specific to gaining statistical advantages for betting on it.


Author of MMA Parlay

Lance Hartland


My Story

My name is Lance. I currently live in California. I’ve been watching MMA since 2014. Over the last 5+ years, I’ve earned a net profit on my UFC gambling portfolio. I’m an engineer who is always driven towards optimization, especially as it applies to my process in determining upcoming MMA winners. Since I’ve gathered a ton of data on the sport, I’ve chosen to share it. It’s my way of giving back for all the info that’s been freely given to me. I hope you enjoy my site and find it practical and entertaining.

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His website has the most extensively researched MMA articles

"MMA Parlay has helped my betting account grow! He is easy to reach through email or social media. If you want to hear his opinion on upcoming fights, he will freely give away his analysis and picks for each UFC card. His website has the most extensively researched MMA articles. They all focus on statistics that help give insights into correctly predicting fights. My only gripe is that he doesn’t post articles more frequently."
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